I am proud to be Irish, but have lived and worked in England for most of my life, when I photograph Ireland, I use my photography to bring me closer to the Ireland I love and miss, this is my way of ‘not forgetting’ my roots and especially how things used to be. My personal work is an on-going project called: acollectionofpersonalmemories, and questions memory, especially mine; it also plays with the social construct of identity using photographic images as memory triggers.

I tackle the subject of memory and related issues by photographically recreating the world I remember, triggering reminiscences whilst questioning the accuracy of the power of recollection. I do not deliberately tell stories through my photographs, any narratives perceived are created by the viewer and triggered by their own memories and as such, each person will come away with their own version of the story.  

I photograph many things and many places for my collections of memories, both artistically and as a professional photographer. I think of these collections, as a series of algorithms running concurrently within the operating system of my brain, all I need is a trigger to start them running.

Photography and Photoshop workshops

Having taught photography for many years in colleges and universities, I run one to one or group workshops and tutorials and workshops at your home or at my office, covering all aspects of photography and can offer courses for beginner and intermediate levels. email me with details of your requirements and I will structure the workshops to meet these. However, If you would prefer one to one tuition, that can be arranged.