Unveiling the World Through My Lens:


More than just a photographer. I'm a lens-based artist.

Based in a charming village on the Suffolk/Norfolk border, I bring a unique perspective honed by experience and an MA in Art Design and Visual Culture (Photography).


My passion extends beyond capturing moments.

I've shared my knowledge as a photography lecturer and graphic designer, guiding students of all levels, from enthusiastic beginners to post-graduate scholars. Now, I offer private tuition to nurture budding talents.


My artistic expression isn't confined to a single genre.

I'm a member of Beyond the Image Gallery in Thornham Magna, where I regularly showcase my work. It often defies categorisation, blurring the lines between captivating landscapes and intimate still lifes.


Animals are more than subjects; they're fellow beings.

My photographs aren't mere documentation; they're portraits that reveal the soul – the vulnerability and personality that shines through each living creature.


The world is a canvas waiting to be explored.

I have a keen eye for the play of light and shadow, the hidden stories in everyday scenes. Unbound by genre, I capture the essence of what lies